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MGNREGA Employees demand absorption as per the commitment

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Srinagar, May 17: MGNREGA Employees (supporting staff) in Rural Development Department Sunday demanded Absorption as per the commitment of the government.
Chairman, MGNREGA Employees Association Syed Jaffer said that supporting staff working in Rural Development Department since 13 years have expressed concern over the order issued by secretary R&DD in which it is mentioned to extend their services on performance record of last three years and APR.
MGNREGA Employees who are now considered as back bone of the Department are facing so many problems in their lives without having a concrete job policy in their favour.
They said that Government wants to back track. Recently a letter has been issued to DDc’s to check their performance and continue their services as per the satisfactory performance which according to them is completely injustice as they also said that after 13 years of service Department now feel to check their performance instead of fulfillment their demands of  Absorption/ induction in Rdd in this regard a file has been framed, formulated, approve by the Department   on which Department was working since two years.
MGNREGA Employees that is Grs’s  Po’s ,Ta’s,Account Astts,Mis operators etc who are working not only in MGNREGA scheme but are also working in every scheme/programmes of  Rdd I.e 14th fc,15th fc,BADP, BLO Duties, SBM,PMAY, Geotagging, covid-19 duties etc  besides we are working in all the schemes of the department including Mgnrega, however the department has issued orders to check our performance and issuance of Apr’s only for Mgnrega works pd’s generation. The APR means a complete yearly performance of an employee including all the duties assigned to an employee but whenever department has to torture by any way, supporting staff is on the wallpaper because we are contractual employees and are bound to bear each and every miserable situation  said an employee of the union.   Department is doing or have.  Now All jk  Mgnrega Employees Association have decided to go for pen down strike which will be decided soon if our demands are not fulfilled and the recently issued order is not revoked immediately.


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