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International Quds Day is an important day for humanity : Aga Syed Mujtaba Abbas

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Srinagar: Anjuman Sharie Shian’s Aga Syed Mujtaba Abbas termed Quds Day as the day to express our solidarity with the oppressed people and demonstrate the resentment against the oppressors. It is the day which breaks the back of Zionist forces and their allies. It is the day of persecuted ones against the tyrants. Its a day to remember Quds, (jerusalem) our first Qibla, the beloved land of Palestine and the catastrophe and calamity that was brought upon them with the creation of the State of Israel

In a Statement issued , Aga Mujtaba said Founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini inaugurated Al-Quds day as an integral part of Ramadan so that Muslims would never forget their responsibility and duty towards Palestine and all oppressed people in the world. The day is held each year on the last Friday of Ramadan.

While Commenting on the so called ‘deal of the century’ is a conspiracy to usurp the rights of Palestinians. “It is an attempt to legalize and validate the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by the usurper Zionist regime,” he said.
Aga Mujtaba added that there are four aspects of the Palestine issue, liberation of Al-Quds, return of Palestinian refugees, illegal Jewish settlements and water and Zionist regime is violating the rights of Palestinians in all the four areas.
Aga Mujtaba viewed that said that final decision on the issue should be taken by the brave and courageous Palestinian nation. “We have to mobilize the international community against the Israeli aggression on Palestinians and annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories,”
He added Palestinians have every right to go back to their own land and Zionist regime would not be able to stand against the strong public opinion of the oppressed Palestinian nation.


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