Monday, October 5

4- Article Plan adopted  by Int’l Congress Members of Holy Quds proposed by Iran, ultimate solution to settle the Palestinian Issue : Aga Syed Hassan 

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Srinagar, President Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman Sharie Shian,  incarnated Aga Syed Hassan Mosavi Al Safavi has expressed solidarity with the Palestinians against the Zionist, colonial entity of Israel.
In a statement issued here, Aga Hassan( who is under continuous House since 3 August 2019) said that the Zionist script, is an extension of colonialism and Apartheid, never see in the history of human kind. It set out to viciously and violently occupy all of Palestine, by changing its demographics through ethnic cleansing, terrorism and genocide.
Aga Hassan described the Zionist regimen as the enemy of the Islamic world , adding Quds day plays a role in weakening the Zionist regime and resisting its growth .
While commenting on  4- Article plan which is adopted by International Congress Members of Holy Quds which is proposed by Iran on Palestine , Aga Hassan callee on the United Nations to implement the resolution which is the ultimate solution to settle the Palestinian issue .
Aga Hassan emphasises the need for its implementation as guarantee for justice and human rights in adherence to international laws and commitments. We call on the International organisation to play their historic role by supporting and implementing the proposal .

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