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Hectic bargaining to win loyalties in progress ‘Tanvir Pattan disowns viral audio clip offering Rs 2 lakhs each to 2 female Corporators’

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Srinagar, June 15, KNT: A day before the Floor Test that will decide the fate of incumbent Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu, hectic bargaining is underway between different political parties. If sources are to be believed, Corporators-both in favour or against the no confidence motion are in touch with different political parties. Sources told news agency KNT that Coporators supporting Matuu are in contact with Jammu Kashmir Congress party and hectic bargaining is in progress.

A Coporator supporting the motion said that Corporators supporting incumbent Mayor have met Jammu Kashmir Congress party and are trying their best to win the confidence of the Corporators associated with Congress party. “We have received information that Jammu Kashmir Congress Presidend Ghulam Ahmed Mir has contacted Congress Coporators asking them not to support No Confidence Motion. Let us see what happens,” he said.

Efforts to contact Ghulam Ahmed Mir didn’t materialize as he didn’t pick up the phone.

Peoples Conference leader Junaid Azim Matuu, who had been elected as Mayor in the 2018 urban local body elections, that witnessed meager turn out would be facing a floor test tomorrow in a special session.

All eyes will be on the special session of SMC’s General Council at the Banquet Hall at 11:00 am on Tuesday.

Waheed Dar who has moved this No Confidence Motion told KNT that in the meeting that was held at Congress Headquarters in Srinagar, out of 17 Corporators, 12 showed eagerness to support Sheikh Imran and 5 supported Juanid Matuu. “We are confident that majority of the Coroporators will support us and show door to the incumbent Mayor,” Dar said.

However, Corporator Tanvir Pathan who supports the incumbent Mayor Juniad Azam Matuu said that Jammu Kashmir Congress President Ghulam Ahmed Mir has asked all the 17 Congress Corporators to stay away from tomorrow’s No Confidence Motion.

Tanvir Pathan, who is Corporator Zadibal also disowned the purported audio clip which is viral on social media in which he allegedly offers Rs 2 lakh to the relative of two female Corporators for supporting incumbent Mayor. Tanvir who told KNT that this might be an old audio clip can be heard saying that he will provide Rs 2 lakhs each to Corporator Hawal Nazia Akhtar and Corporator Umar Colony Lal Bazar Afrooza provided they abstain from No Confidence Motion and come out from the hotel of former Deputy Chief Mayor Sheih Imran.

“I have nothing to do this with this audio clip. It might be an older one,” Zadibal Corporator Tanvir Pathan said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of SMC has issued a notice to all Councillors to be present during the No Confidence Motion. (KNT)


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