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9 August 1953- a black day in Kashmir History: ANC

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Srinagar, Aug 9, KNT: 9th August 1953 is a day that cannot be erased from the political history of India, especially the State of J&K. It was on this day 67years ago when Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru led Govt dismissed the elected Govt of J&K and arrested his very dear friend and my father Prime Minister Sher-e Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah in the midnight coup that left 3000 Kashmir’s spill their blood on the streets of Kashmir. Kashmir has never recovered from that betrayal of the pledges and the promises made to its people by the forefathers of modern India who promised the will of the people to be deemed supreme in the resolution of the Kashmir issue. The backstabbing of 9th August 1953 can never be forgotten and its scars can never heal. This was stated by President J&K Awami National Conference Begum Khalida Shah in a statement issued to the press today.

The conspiracy of the alleged Dixon plan being hatched by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah to break the State of Jammu and Kashmir and seek an independent Kashmir could not stand the legal scrutiny and the same Govt of India after putting the entire leadership behind bars for eleven years surrendered before Sher e Kashmir withdrawing all the charges of the Kashmir conspiracy case. Prime Minister Nehru acknowledging the political strength and vision of Sher e Kashmir requested for his intervention by engaging with Field marshal Ayub Khan and the Pakistan leadership to discuss the resolution of Kashmir which was successfully accomplished by carrying along the leadership of the Muslim conference for the proposed settlement on Kashmir. Kashmir was unfortunate that Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru died days before he was to make an important announcement in the Parliament of India on a major breakthrough that Sher e Kashmir had achieved with the leadership of Pakistan on Kashmir, Begum Khalida Shah said.

Referring to the continuous turmoil being faced by the people of J&K politically, socially and economically, more so after the unconstitutional, undemocratic and illegal decision of 5th August 2019 snatching away the special status of J&K and dividing it into two UT’s once again has reminded the people of J&K of the chilling episode of 9th August 1953 .The Wounds of these events are wide open and further deepened. Now it is high time that both the leaderships of India and Pakistan come to the table for a politically warranted and a practically workable solution of the vexed Kashmir imbroglio in line with the aspirations and wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are proud of their plural and secular credentials and will never accept the division of the state on ethical, religious or regional grounds.


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