Friday, February 26

Reality check of Horror Voices of South Kashmir

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By Javeed Ali

What we think in our subconscious mind seems real to us. Particularly, when inimical elements make horror voices using the modern gadgets and propagate the rumours that some kind of witch (RAATAS) is roaming around.

There can be multiple reasons why they are doing so. The major reason could be that they want to loot your belongings including your cattle.

We should do our best not to spread such kind of bullshit. There are many wild animals who make different sounds as per their living adaptations. During the winters they do come near our dwelling places in search of food. And when our subconscious mind are already fed with these ‘RAATAS’ concocted stories, we imagine these wild animals as RAATAS which makes us terrified.

It’s very alarming situation. This will badly impact our children. Please let them know that there is nothing like that which they should fear. Let them know these threatening cries are being created by miscreants using Mobile applications or software for reasons best known to them.

The worst thing is that some mindless people are sharing a Gullistan News clip which is just ridiculous as it has increased the fear factor among the public. How come someone broadcast this stupid thing on his network.

Concluding, please don’t get frightened with these insane things. Some crazy people are doing this.
Stay calm and don’t panic.

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